Fortifi RJ-45
Our initial product is used to secure used and unused Ethernet ports. With current regulations there is a need to secure both aspects of critical infrastructure. We will be utilizing this methodology for subsequent cabling or I/O designs.
August 2019
FortiFi adds a level of protection to the physical layer that has never been seen before. A unique ecosystem of port-level hardware, wireless data collection, and a database-driven dashboard provides real-time monitoring of the most vulnerable piece of any organization’s technology infrastructure; an authorized employee, contractor or vendor who access company data. FortiFi can notify security personnel when the breach is happening so they can stop it.

Connection-level physical security for computing devices is mandated in federal cybersecurity compliance standards for several industries, including electric utilities and healthcare. The energy, finance and telecom industries have similar requirements. In these industries, there are approximately 19 million unused computer connections (individual computer ports) that must be physically monitored to comply with industry and government regulations. Our FortiFi security ecosystem monitors those ports without manual inspections that are expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient. Because all changes in device port status are reported electronically, any potential physical breaches that threaten to expose the company’s data are reported to information security personnel in real-time. The combination of security controls offered by the FortiFi security ecosystem can effectively stop data theft before it can happen. There are no other products in this space that combine physical security with real-time electronic monitoring and notification at the individual device connection level.
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