Hardware security redefined.

Designed to prevent physical theft of data by authorized and unauthorized personnel.

Is your company fortified?

Research shows that the largest threat to your organization’s digital assets is an INSIDER ATTACK:

  • 85%: Increase on the likelihood of employees leaking files pre-COVID vs today (Code42 Data Exposure Report 2020)
  • 77 days: Average time to contain an insider breach (IBM Cost of insider threats 2020)
  • $4.08 Million: The annualized cost to compliance for criminal insiders (IBM Cost of insider threats 2020)
  • 100%: Success rate of data exfiltration occurring at the physical layer (Verizon 2021 DBIR)

FortiFi RJ-45

Bad actors within organizations threaten the integrity of private company data and operations. FortiFi™ adds a level of protection to the physical layer never seen before. A unique ecosystem of port-level hardware, wireless data collection and real-time monitoring, FortiFi™ notifies security personnel when a breach is happening so they can stop it.


We provide physical security innovations to protect organizations against insider threats.


Physical access to ports and networking devices are large vulnerabilities within enterprises. Access to ports create opportunities to disrupt critical business operations.


We protect against the tampering of ports and connected devices within your critical infrastructure. Auditing and alerting functions within our device manage protected assets. Our product gives you the highest level of visibility as changes occur.


FortiFi™ uniquely blends physical and logical security. Our device observes various changes within your environment. This  protection works on used and un-used ports.


Realtime Results

Every device individually monitors for port changes, instantly alerting your team.


Alarms at the Touch

Unscheduled changes generate alarms immediately reporting potential threats.


Unbreachable Network

FortiFi™ devices are not removable without detection.


Status and Data Reporting

Changes that occur are available for future audit reporting.

Our Leadership Team

Sean Null
Chief Executive Officer
Philip Vanderstraeten
Chief Operations Officer
Tom Newell
Chief Research & Development Officer

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